What happens when you mix passion, technology and leadership?

• We will develop our creativity.
• We aim to share our excitement about all aspects of engineering & robot building with others.
• We will develop our own project management and technical engineering experience by leading & interacting with others.
• We plan to introduce younger people to the range of activities involved in the process of designing, building and programming robot team projects.
• We will promote gracious professionalism, high integrity, strong work ethics, and social consciousness in all endeavors in the Robotics Team, school work, extracurricular activities, future jobs and hobbies.
• We will use the medium of robotics of principle and skills to inspire the next generations to take their involvement to the next level in Jr. High School, High School and entering College. Some of the skills are:

    • Testing
    • Planning
    • Troubleshooting
    • Technical Design
    • Programming
    • Technical Build
    • Educating ourselves & others

Only by engaging your mind in a project will you experience real creativity.

Our team believes and takes pride in everyone’s accomplishments. We pledge to speak positively about each other and our school at every opportunity. We look for ways to make new ideas work, not for reasons why they won’t. We will learn from mistakes that are made. We will help anyone or any team in need with all of our resources.

Above all,we honor Jesus Christ by making disciples and teaching them to love God and people.


Thank you for checking out our Robotics team’s website.





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